Adrianne Funk, MCD CCC SLP

Board Member and Secretary

Ms. Adrianne Funk serves as the Secretary of the Board.  She is a licensed speech pathologist with a passion for working with children.  She felt a call to work with under-served populations throughout her professional career as an Early Childhood Special Education teacher and as a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP).

Ms. Funk graduated from the University of Louisiana with a Bachelor of Science degree in

early childhood education and a focus in early intervention.   She furthered her education by earning a Master’s Degree in communication disorders.

Ms. Funk worked as an early childhood special education (ECSE) teacher in an inclusion classroom for two years. As an ECSE teacher she organized and implemented a student cooking group which focused on engaging functional use of language skills in a context that was engaging for students. Upon completion of the master's program she went to work as a speech pathologist in a pediatric clinic in North Louisiana. Since moving to the St. Charles, Missouri area she continued to practice as a licensed speech pathologist in St. Charles and St. Louis schools. As an SLP in St. Louis city schools I worked collaboratively with Occupational Therapists and ECSE teachers to institute a language motor group focused on improving speech and language skills through functional motor play activities. Throughout her career Ms. Funk has worked diligently to incorporate functional activities into language learning with the idea that, as Maria Montessori said, “the goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child's own natural desire to learn.”

Ms. Funk currently works as a Speech Pathologist at Barnes Jewish St. Peters, Missouri.  She assists acute in-patient clients with comprehensive treatment and evaluation of swallowing, language, and speech abilities. She is also responsible for developing plans of treatment through planning for discharge, as well as, disseminating information and educating patients, families and staff.  Ms. Funk previously worked as a Speech Pathologist at Supplemental Healthcare, Missouri and was contracted to work as an SLP in St Louis Public Schools.  Her responsibilities included evaluation, case management, IEP writing, treatment and discharge planning for preschool to high school aged students.  Ms. Funk collaborated with teachers and families to incorporate and generalize functional Speech and Language skills for students.  She also worked as a Speech Pathologist at Therapy Relief, and was contracted to complete home therapy visits and to substitute for SLPS on medical leave in school.

When she is not working, Ms. Funk enjoys reading and drinking coffee in a quiet place. She can be found camping with her husband and their four children or completing messy projects around the house.