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About Us

The Freddie Ford Family Foundation is a 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization located in St. Louis County, Missouri. The Organization was established in 2018 by its Founder and Executive Director Felicia Ford, who has  loved ones who have been diagnosed on the autism spectrum. Thus, Ms. Ford is uniquely qualified as a parent to help educate others on the needs of children on the autism spectrum and promote inclusion. 


We offer several social programs and events to autism families to encourage a community connection and to allow individuals with autism to enjoy activities free from judgment.  Our goal is to obtain a space where we can expand our programs by providing a children’s gym for social interaction open to all children and a clinic to provide diagnostic and therapeutic interventions. We provide support group meetings for parents of individuals on the autism spectrum with speakers who share resources and insight to help cope with the challenges of raising children with autism.  Through our community events, we spread awareness of autism and educational materials to create a greater understanding of autism and how it affects those on the spectrum as well as the ongoing needs of the families.


Our organization is spearheaded by volunteer efforts and donations from generous and kindhearted supporters. We look forward to partnering with any organizations that would like to help create fun experiences for individuals with autism.

We understand that early intervention and diagnosis of autism is lacking in  the African American and minority communities.

Our Mission

Our Mission

The Freddie Ford Family Foundation is dedicated to supporting under-served families impacted by autism and raising awareness and acceptance of autism. 


Through our mission we strive to enhance the quality of life for individuals with autism by providing opportunities to socialize in a safe, natural setting free from judgment, all while providing fun experiences for the whole family.  The support extends to donations, providing access to resources, parent support groups, and social programs all while actively educating the community on autism to raise awareness and acceptance of autism.

“Every child should have equal access to support and medical treatment.”

-Felicia Ford

Freddie Ford

Freddie Ford was born in Nacogdoches Texas on June 11, 1940. He grew up in Fort Worth Texas and later relocated to St Louis, Missouri. He graduated from Soldan high school.

After attending college  briefly  in Kansas, Mr. Ford enlisted in the United States Navy. He was deployed to Vietnam. After he was discharged honorably from the Navy, he joined the U.S. Naval Reserve where he served his country honorably for an additional 20 years.

Freddie Ford lived a life of service to his community.  He was a police officer in the City of St Louis for 10 years before relocating to Cape Girardeau, Missouri where he served as a police officer and as a detective. He retired from the Cape Girardeau Police Department in 2002 after 20-plus years of service.

As a police officer, he was dedicated to protecting and serving. He assisted families and youths in need whenever possible.  Freddie Ford believe that you treat people like you want to be treated and always try to be decent. He always helped others, because he wanted others to help his children if they were ever in need in an emergency situation.

Freddie Ford was a dedicated father of 6 children, husband, and loving grandfather. He believed strongly in family and protecting the bond they shared. He made it a point to help others whenever he could. He was also a community activist and businessman.

Mr. Ford passed away January 10, 2018.  In keeping with his life's work of service to others, and his love for youths, this foundation is named in his honor. 

In Loving Memory:  Freddie Ford 

Freddie Ford US Navy
Freddie Ford Cape Girardeau, Missouri Police Officer
Freddie Ford

Our Vision

The vision of the Freddie Ford Family Foundation is to provide recreational, diagnostic, therapeutic, and financial assistance to under-served families impacted by autism.

We Need Your Support Today!

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