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Program Descriptions

The Freddie Ford Family Foundation provides a variety of social events and play dates for younger children with autism.  It was determined that parents wanted opportunities for their children to play and socialize with peers in a safe space. Since many families with children with autism are isolated  from family and friends for a variety of reasons, we created special events for the parents and children to be with peers who understand autism and would not judge any of the common behaviors associated with autism such as auditory or physical stimming, lack of communication or eloping.


Autism play dates are for young children and their families to enjoy time socializing and connecting with each other. Our play dates encourage connecting with peers in a natural way instead of through scripted interactions. The play dates are hosted at a variety of places where children can try different activities.


Easter is a fun time to get out with your children to see the Easter Bunny and have fun gathering eggs filled with treats.  It can be difficult for children with autism to enjoy this holiday fun due to sensory challenges, becoming overstimulated or in some cases being run over by other eager children happily finding eggs. Our event was created to ensure that children with autism and their families can enjoy this special holiday tradition just like other families.  We assist children with obtaining eggs, even if they do not understand or become overwhelmed by the experience.  We strive to make this a fun event with crafts, games, and giveaways for the children.


The Freddie Ford Teens Social Support - Parent Group is a private Facebook group for teens. They have weekly social calls where the teens lead conversations with peers. The teens have social events in the community to meetup for fun.


The Parent Support Group meets monthly as a safe space for parents of children with autism to engage in open conversations about relevant concerns with other parents.  Speakers are invited to share information about their organizations programs available for the benefit of parents and individuals with autism.  


The summer day camp is for children with autism so they can participate in a summer camp experience designed specifically to meet their needs and with a staff who understands autism and are capable of providing care on a 1:1 basis as needed.  The camp allows children to have fun and experience new activities in a safe environment.  ​


Halloween is an amazing time for children to enjoy dressing up and trick or treating.  Our event is inclusive to all and a party type atmosphere where ​the children can safely enjoy the fun of playing with friends, getting candy, and being free to be themselves. Parents get to engage with other parents as we continue to build our community. This is a fun time for all!


The Annual Christmas Party is a fun time for the families and individuals with autism to enjoy cocoa and cookies with Santa, crafts, games and music. This is a sensory friendly event to allow families to enjoy a fun party for the holidays!


The annual 5k timed race and mile fun run/walk is an inclusive fun charity event for everyone! For those who are unable to attend in person the event is also available for virtual participation.  This is a family friendly event, in a park safe for runners and walkers of all ages and abilities. 


This inclusive community event is to raise awareness of autism in a fun way that all participants can enjoy.  The funds raised from this event go to support our programs to ensure that the families are provided fun, safe events.  This event has a silent auction, raffles, fun games and prizes. 

Buddy Bench - Cap Recycling Program

The Buddy Bench Plastic Cap Collection Program is a comprehensive initiative that addresses environmental concerns, inclusion, and community well-being. By repurposing plastic caps into meaningful Buddy Benches, the program promotes sustainability, fosters inclusion, and creates lasting positive change within the community.

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Freddie Ford Family Foundation


Checks payable to Freddie Ford Family Foundation and mail to P.O. Box 12454, St. Louis, MO 63132

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