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Buddy Bench -
Cap Recycling Program

The Buddy Bench Plastic Cap Recycling Program is a heartwarming initiative that transforms everyday plastic caps into powerful symbols of friendship and inclusion. This program encourages communities to come together, collect plastic caps, and create Buddy Benches for local schools and parks.

Buddy Benches serve as welcoming havens where children can find a friend and a moment of understanding and companionship. By participating in this recycling program, you not only help reduce plastic waste but also foster a culture of kindness and empathy. Each Buddy Bench crafted from recycled caps becomes a beacon of hope, reminding us that small actions can make a big difference.

Join us in this meaningful journey. Let's recycle, build connections, and create a more inclusive world for everyone, one Buddy Bench at a time.


Buddy Benches will be used as symbols of friendship, kindness, and inclusion, encouraging social interactions among individuals of all ages. By installing a bench on playgrounds or common areas at the schools, we will encourage students who are not feeling connected or in need of a friend to ask for help or to be included by simply sitting on the bench. This simple act will signal students that there is a peer who needs support or to be included by other students.


Sorting and Processing: The Freddie Ford Family Foundation is already registered with the business (Green Tree Plastics) that repurposes the plastic caps into benches. We will be supporting the schools collection efforts and in obtaining the benches.  Once collected, plastic caps will be sorted by material type and cleaned before being prepared for repurposing.

Installation: Once the plastic caps have been collected, cleaned, sorted and weighed, the Freddie Ford Family Foundation will assist with reaching out to Green Tree Plastics to schedule the drop off and transporting the caps to the company to repurpose the caps.  When the bench is ready, then each school can identify suitable locations at the schools, for the installation of Buddy Benches.


Community Events: Once we have the benches, we will organize unveiling ceremonies for each installed Buddy Bench, inviting participants who contributed to the plastic cap collection. These events will celebrate the community’s efforts and promote the program’s objectives.

MONITORING AND MAINTENANCE: It will be left to the schools to regularly assess the condition of the Buddy Benches and perform any necessary maintenance to ensure their longevity and functionality.

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How to Help

If you want to collect caps and join us in providing benches to schools in the community, please complete the contact us form.

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Freddie Ford Family Foundation

Checks (No Cash):

Checks payable to Freddie Ford Family Foundation and mail to P.O. Box 12454, St. Louis, MO 63132

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