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The Freddie Ford Family Foundation has a number of programs to support individuals with autism as well as their families.


​Mental and Physical Wellness

The mental and physical wellness programs are to promote activities to support the physical and mental well being of families and individuals with autism.

Social Skills

The social skills programs provide opportunities for individuals with autism to engage socially in a natural setting without being instructed on social expectations. Currently, we provide monthly social events for young children with autism. We have a teen social group that meets regularly for events and has weekly social skills calls. 

Family Support

The family support programs allow us to connect with parents with newly diagnosed children with information and resources, to discuss issues and concerns with schools, and interact with parents who just need social support to discuss life parenting a child with autism.

Summer Camp

The summer camp, Camp Ausome, is for young children with autism to provide a safe place for them to learn a variety of sports and activities with staff that understands their needs.


The Freddie Ford Family Foundation provides links to necessary resources, information, and support to parents of individuals with autism. The Youtube Channel, @ford4autismstl, has videos of educational webinars explaining ABA therapy, Speech therapy, how to manage finances, and other topics.

Autism Awareness and Acceptance

Through community events and programs the Freddie Ford Family Foundation is working to increase awareness and acceptance of autism.


Parent Social Outings

Play Dates

Teen Social Outings


Trunk or Treat

Christmas Party

Easter Egg Hunt

Heroes for Autism 5K and Mile


Kids Fun Run

Camp Ausome

Autism Trivia Night

Collage of photos of the 2022 Christmas Party
Autism Trivia Night photo of event participants

2023 Autism Trivia Night

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