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Welcome home autism families

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

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Welcome to the Freddie Ford Family Foundation! We hope to serve as a valuable resource to African American and other minority families who have been impacted by autism. As a mother of 3 small boys on the spectrum, I want to make this journey less daunting for minority children as they are under-served and diagnosed late.

It can be quite challenging to try to navigate the diagnosis. It seems that you have to hope you connect with the right person or organization that will point in a direction that will provide much needed resources for your child and if you are lucky, comfort for the parents.

The Freddie Ford Family Foundation plans to bridge the gap between the diagnosis and finding the correct resources for your child. Our plan is to keep update information on current resources locally. In the future we plan to fill the role of providing a place for a diagnosis and various therapies housed in one location so that providers can collaborate to give more thorough assistance to your family.

If you have a diagnosis and your child is less than 3 years old, contact First Steps ( get services immediately. First Steps is Missouri's Early Intervention program serving children from birth to age 3, who have developmental delays or have received a diagnosis that includes developmental disabilities. Also, First Steps can be a great resource with finding more services as your child ages out of that program.

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